www.bettwostar.com Step by Step User Guide

How to Open A User Account With www.bettwostar.com

Step 1
Step 2
When you get there, Click on the Sign Up Button and fill the form that comes up on the next page with correct details. (NOTE : you only have to fill in the areas of the form that have an asterisk)
The most important fields are:
Your name and Surname
2. Nation, State and Town
Login - This refers to the username you want to register with
Your Email Address
Secret Question - This is just in case you forget your password.
Check the 2 boxes below the form to confirm that you are above 18 years old and that you permit the site to use your details.
Step 3
After filling the form correctly, click the REGISTER button to submit the form and you will get your password. You will also receive an email in your box that will give you the full details of your registration.

How to Fund Your www.bettwostar.com Account

Funding your sorts betting account with www.bettwostar.com is fast and simple.
Note that the minimum amount you can fund your account with at a time is ₦ 500.
Login into your account and click on PROFILE at the top of the page >> Then, Click on the Top Up Your Account icon to get the full step by step instructions on funding your account:

You may also go through this links after you have logged in: PROFILE >> ACCOUNT >> TOP UP YOUR ACCOUNT

How to Place a Bet on www.bettwostar.com

In order to place a bet on www.bettwostar.com.com, you must be a registered user and you must have enough funds in your account.
(The minimum amount you can use to place a bet at a time is ₦100)
You can place a bet on various kinds of sports, leagues and matches around the world.
Here are the steps to do that:
Step 1
Sign in to your www.bettwostar.com account
Step 2
Click on SPORT at the top of the page.
Once you select a match, it is automatically added to the BET SLIP which is at the right hand side. You can play on Single Matches or Accumulate 2 or more matches. You may then proceed to input the amount you wish to stake and place your bet.
Step 3
Select the matches you want to bet on using the steps below:
By your left hand side, click on TODAY, TOMORROW or ALL depending on the date that the match is been played.

Select the SPORTS you want to go for out of the list of available sports displayed below at that time.
In the example below, SOCCER was selected. This gives you a break down of all the various football leagues available at that time all over the world. You can click on the + sign beside each country to reveal the Leagues available.
Click on the league(s) you where you want to place a bet and it will load at the centre of the page. You can also load other leagues at the centre at the same time like in the picture below:

Select the matches you want to bet on by clicking on the odds you are going for.
You can view other odds market for each match by clicking on the arrow button in front of the match.
Step 4
When you have selected the odds you want to play, it will automatically be added to the Bet slip which is on the right hand side. If you are accumulating more than one match, the bet slip automatically calculates the Total odds for you.
So, all you need to do is input the amount you intend to stake and click the CONFIRM button to place your bet.
That is how to place your bets on www.bettwostar.com.

That is how to place your bets on www.bettwostar.com.

How to Check Your Bet History/ How to Check Won/Lost Bets

Checking your Bet history in www.bettwostar.com is simple.
Login to your account
Click on SPORT at the top of the page if you are not on the sports page, then select BETS >> BETS LIST

Enter the date range of the bets you want to view and click SEARCH

This will display a table that contains a list of all the bets placed within that period and their results.
Lost means LOST
Won means WON
In progress means the bet is still in PROGRESS
If you want to delve deeper and check the results of each of the bets that was placed, you can do so by clicking on the ID of the bet which may be found at the right hand side of the page usually denoted by SC1, SC2, SC3 e.t.c.

How to Withdraw Your Winnings to Your Bank Account

Withdrawing your won bets to the bank is simple, safe and fast with www.bettwostar.com.
Note: You can withdraw your won bets using a Valid bank account.
Login to your www.bettwostar.com account and click on PROFILE at the top menu.
This is where you add your bank account details. You only have to do this once except if you want to edit your bank account data again.
Click on PERSONAL INFORMATION at the top. This takes you to a page that contains your personal information.
Scroll down and by your left, there is a box that is labeled - FINANCIAL DATA

Fill in your correct bank account details.
Now, that you have submitted your bank account data, you can now place your withdrawal.
Click on Account >> Withdrawal Request

On the page that comes up, enter the amount you want to withdraw and click PERFORM.
In order to secure the transaction of withdrawals, you need to create a PIN code.

From the top menu, select Password/Pin, fill in the form "Pin" keeping the "Old Pin" field blank. After the submission of the Pin Code, each time you are going to send a withdrawal request, you will be asked to fill in the "Pin" field.

See an example below:

NOTE that the amount you are placing for withdrawal must be lower or equal to what you have in your balance.
After placing your withdrawal, the admin will approve it and it will be deposited in your bank account within 24 hours.

How to Contact www.bettwostar.com Customer Service

www.bettwostar.com customer service is always there to help you and we are easy to contact.
You can contact us through 3 different ways:
You can chat with an available live agent from 9am - 5pm (Monday - Saturday)
You may also get in touch with us via phone as well - 9am - 5pm (Monday - Saturday)
You can get in touch with us via email anytime and our customer service operators will reply you. The email is [email protected]
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